Master in Business Administration (MBA)

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Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Master Degree
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Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Program Duration:
24 Months
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The School offers a wide range of courses in Management and Commerce. It introduced course wise registration in Management Programs. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. January-to-June and July-to-December.

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Admission Session

The admission in MBA is taken for January and July session.



Bachelor Degree with 3 years of Managerial/ Supervisory experience.


Bachelor Degree with 50% marks in aggregate


Professional Degree in Engineering/Technology/Medicine/Architecture/ Law/ Pharmacy.


Professional qualification in accountancy/cost & works accountancy/company secretary ship


A Masteru2019s Degree in any subject.

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This programme consists of 21 courses in all. These comprise:

  • All the courses in PGDIM
  • Five courses from the selected Specialization Stream.
  • Compulsory courses (MS-91 and MS-95) and one elective course (MS-92/93/94/96/97)
  • Project course equivalent to two courses.


Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDIM)

Structure: The Postgraduate Diploma in Management comprises 11 courses. The overall scheme

of the programme is as follows:

MS-1 Management Functions and Behavior

MS-2 Management of Human Resources

MS-3 Economic and Social Environment

MS-4 Accounting and Finance for Managers

MS-5 Management of Machines and Materials

MS-6 Marketing for Managers

MS-7 Information Systems for Managers

MS-8 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications

MS-9 Managerial Economics

MS-10 Organizational Design, Development and Change

MS-11 Strategic Management


Diploma in Management (DIM)

Structure: This programme comprises three compulsory and four elective courses. The student

is required to take two of the elective courses.

Compulsory (All three)

MS-1 Management Functions and Behavior

MS-2 Management of Human Resources

MS-3 Economic and Social Environment

Electives (Any two)

MS-4 Accounting and Finance for Mangers

MS-5 Management of Machines and Materials

MS-6 Marketing for Managers

MS-7 Information Systems for Managers


The Specialization Programme in Functional Areas consists of Postgraduate Diploma in

4 streams: Human Resource Management. Financial Management, Operations Management and

Marketing Management.


Each of the following diploma programs consists of five courses in all from the

chosen specializations streams:


Specialization Streams:

P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM) (any five)

MS-21 Social Processes and Behavioral Issues

MS-22 Human Resource Development

MS-23 Human Resource Planning

MS-24 Employment Relations

MS-25 Managing Change in Organizations

MS-26 Organizational Dynamics

MS-27 Wage and Salary Administration

MS-28 Labour Laws


P.G. Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM) (any five) 

MS-41 Working Capital Management

MS-42 Capital Investment and Financing Decisions

MS-43 Management Control Systems

MS-44 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

MS-45 International Financial management

MS-46 Management of Financial Services


P.G. Diploma in Operations Management (PGDOM)(any five) 

MS-51 Operations Research

MS-52 Project Management

MS-53 Production/Operational Management

MS-54 Management of Information Systems

MS-55 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MS-56 Materials Management

MS-57 Maintenance Management

MS-58 Management of R & D and Innovation


P.G. Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM) (any five) 

MS-61 Consumer Behavior

MS-62 Sales Management

MS-63 Product Management

MS-64 International Marketing

MS-65 Marketing of Services

MS-66 Marketing Research

MS-68 Marketing Communication and Advertising Management

MS-611 Rural Marketing

MS-612 Retail Management


Integrative Courses

Structure: The Integrative Courses consist of two compulsory and five elective courses, (out of

which the student is required to do one) and a project, which is equivalent to two courses. This

makes a total of five courses.

Compulsory Courses:

MS-91 Advanced Strategic Management

MS-95 Research Methodology for Management Decisions

MS-100 Project (equivalent to two courses)


Elective Courses (Choose any one):

MS-92 Management of Public Enterprises

MS-93 Management of New and Small Enterprises

MS-94 Technology Management

MS-96 Total Quality Management

MS-97 International Business


Students can take up Project Course only after completing a minimum of 2 semesters after

admission into MBA Programme, and preferably after Studying MS-8 and MS-95.

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