Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT)

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Program Name:
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT)
Bachelor Level
Affiliated To:
Tribhuvan University
Program Duration:
4 years
Academic Year:
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The BScIT (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology) curriculum is designed by closely related organizations with the most popular international universities and institutions of USA ,AUSTRALIA and so on .This course is the combinational modification of two TU courses. They are 3 years IT course and 3 years Computer science course. This course is modified by semester wise 4 year's program. There are many elective courses which meet the need of the high technology applications. All undergraduate students are required to complete 126 credit hours of computer science and allied courses. This is the most valuables TU course designed in 2064 B.S.


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The intake students are mostly from twelve year of schooling in the science stream or equivalent from any university organized by Tribhuban University (TU).
Applicants should secured a minimum of second division in their I.Sc. or +2.
Applicants are required to appear in the entrance test conducted by Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University (ISOT-TU) and should pass securing at least 35% marks.

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Curriculum Category:
The BCScIT program will run through semester system altogether eight semesters in four years time frame. Each semester shall duration of 6 month.

This program comprises of the following course category:

Computer science core course - 75 credit hours
Natural science elective course - 6 credit hours
Mathematics course - 12 credit hours
English course - 3 credit hours
Social science and management course - 6 credit hours
Computer science elective course - 15 credit hours
Internship/Project - 9 credit hours
Total = 126 credit hours

Course content of four years (Eight semesters) :

First semester:
CSC-101: Introduction to IT
CSC-102:Programming in C
STA-103: Probability and Statistics
MTH-104:Calculus and Analytical Geometry
(Natural Science elective I: A student can opt for any one of the following course)
PHY-105: Physics I
BIO-106: Biology I
GEO-107: Geology I
STA-108: Statistics I

Second semester:
CSC-151: Digital
CSC-152: Discrete Structure
CSC-153: Microprocessor
CSC-154: Data Structure and Algorithms
MTH-155: Linear Algebra
(Natural Science elective II: A student can opt for any one of the following course)
PHY-156: Physics II
BIO-157: Biology II
GEO-158: Geology II
STA-159: Statistics II

Third semester:
CSC-201: Computer Architecture
CSC-202: Object Oriented Programming Language
CSC-203: Operating systems
CSC-204: Numerical Method
MGT-205: Introduction to Management

Fourth semester:
CSC-251: Theory of Computation
CSC-252: System of Analysis and Design
CSC-253: Database Management systems
CSC-254: Computer Graphics
CSC-255: Introduction to Cognitive science
ENG-256: Technical Writing

Fifth semester:
CSC-301: Computer Networks
CSC-302: Simulation and Modeling
CSC-303: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSC-304: Artificial Intelligence
(Computer Science elective I:A student can opt for ant one of the following course)
CSC-305: Microprocessor Based Design
CSC-306: Applied Logic
CSC-307: E-governance
CSC-308:Wirless Networking
MGT-309: International Business Management
MGT-310: International Marketing
CSC-311: Neural Networks
CSC-312: Computer Hardware Design
CSC-313: Crystalgraphy

Sixth semester:
CSC-351: Software Engineering
CSC-352: Compiler Design and Construction
CSC-353: Web Technologies
CSC-354: Real Time System
(Computer Science elective II: A student can opt for ant one of the following course)
CSC-355: Knowledge Management
CSC-356: Fundamentals of E-Commerce
CSC-357: Society and Ethics In information Technology
CSC-358: Automation and Robotics
CSC-359:Digital system Design
CSC-360:Net Centric Computing
CSC-361: Web Centric Computing
CSC-362: Embedded system Programming
CSC-363: Image processing

Seventh semester:
[A] Specialization Area: Networking
CSC-401:Introduction to system Administration
CSC-402: Network Security
CSC-403: Linux Networking
CSC-404: Management a Microsoft server Environment
CSC-405: Implementating , Managing and Maintaining server Network and Infrastructure network services.

[B] Specialization Area: Database
CSC-409: Web Database and Information system
CSC-410: Advance Database and Information system
CSC-411: Distributed and Object Oriented Database

Eight semesters:
[A] Networking
CSC-451: Implementing and supporting windows os/Linux
CSC-452: Distributed Networking
CSC-453: Project a real world application Networking
CSC-454: Internship/Project
[B] Specialization Area: Database
1. CSC-459: Data Warehousing and DataMining
2. CSC-460:Decision support and expert system
3. CSC-461: Project on Database System
4. CSC-462: Internship/project


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