Bachelor of Arts in Major English (BA English)

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Bachelor of Arts in Major English (BA English)
Bachelor Level
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Tribhuvan University
Program Duration:
3 years
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The major English courses for the three-year Bacheloru2019s level are designed to link up with and develop the I.A. major English courses in English. The particular addition to the B.A. syllabus is the introduction of literary theory. The component includes major western foundational essays from the Greeks to the modern times. The rationale of these courses is to give students tools for systematic study and understanding of texts, and help them apply the tools in appreciating literary and other texts critically and creatively. Moreover, these courses attempt at inculcating in students a spirit of inquiry, logical reasoning and a taste for reading good literature. Furthermore, the courses look forward to the M.A. courses and prepare the groundwork for a more critical and detailed study of literature and other human disciplines at the post graduate level.

Functional English (Paper VI) aims to give students an opportunity to study English which will enable them to teach English, train teachers and also train trainers for English at the school level.

Program Outline
The Bachelor of Arts-English Major requires three year, desired set of 14 credit subjects (1400 marks), of college level study. It is a dual concept; hence the students get specialization on two majors (English and J&MC/ S&A/ RD/ SW). Standard length of the program is 3 years, which requires full time students to take 4 credit subjects on first year, 5 credit subjects on second year and 5 credit subjects with 1 non credit subject on third year. Paper VI of each major is a functional paper. Paper VI of a second major will be a non credit for TU but will be awarded by RIA separately.

Bachelors in English provide excellent skills for almost all areas of employment. Arguably, the most obvious career choice is teaching English. Many of the students complete BA Major English with a view to becoming academics, or pursue higher degree to enhance their career options. There are, though, many other areas in which BA English graduates gain employment, numerous recent graduates are working as journalists on local, national, and specialist newspapers and magazines. The popular fields of publishing and marketing are also ideal destinations for the students. They can also opt to become Civil Servants, Managers, Librarians, Freelance Editors, Careers Advisors, IT Consultants, and a host of other possibilities.

Students are required to have completed their Intermediate or equivalent qualifications in any discipline with English (100 marks). Students who opt for major English and Journalism should have studied these subjects at their intermediate level.

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The candidate applying for admission to the BA program must have successfully completed PCL or HSEB 10+2 in business/commerce/science or any equivalent course form any board or university.

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Course List for BA (Major English) Program

> BA English-1st year
Credit courses
1. English
2. Nepali

3. English Paper I- Western Intellectual Tradition, Literary Theory

Optional (Any one)
4. Sociology and Anthropology- Paper I
5. Journalism and Mass Communication- Paper I
6. Rural Development-Paper I
7. Social Works-Paper I

> BA English-2nd year
Credit courses
8. English

9. English Paper II- Prose: Essays and Short Stories
10. English Paper III- Drama and Film
Optional Area (Any one from combination of two in accordance with I yrs selection)

11. Sociology and Anthropology- Paper II and III
12. Journalism and Mass Communication- Paper II and III
13. Rural Development-Paper II and III
14. Social Works-Paper II and III

> BA English-3rd year
Credit courses
Concentration Area
15. English Paper IV- Poetry
16. English Paper V- Critical Thinking, Practical Criticism
17. English Paper VI- Functional English

Optional Area (Any one from combination of three in accordance with I yrs selection) Paper VI will be a non credit for TU but will be awarded by affiliated colleges separately* (condition apply)
18. Sociology and Anthropology- Paper IV, V and VI
19. Journalism and Mass Communication- Paper IV, V and VI
20. Rural Development-Paper IV, V and VI
21. Social Works-Paper IV, V and VI

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