The WorldClass CS Course In Virtual Reality

Education Hub Nepal November 30th, 2016

CS50 is one of the most popular course among computer science students, it’s a course offered by Harvard university. Harvard university had put the course online in 2012 and since then it has been one of the most popular MOOC until now. The course is taught by professor David J. Malan and every year the new version of the course are being launched. CS50 is Harvard University’s “introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.” and the same course is known as cs50x which is being offered through Edx online. In 2016 too the new version of cs50 aka cs50x 2016 was launched in Edx, but it was not just the ordinary, it was launched in VR (virtual reality) too. The course consists 12 weeks of material, 9 problem sets and the final project.


The course starts through the gentle introduction of computer science and take you through the fundamentals of computer science, algorithm and data structure. While during last weeks the course focuses on some web technologies like php and javascript, however one can do the final project in C language too. With the help of VR technology, peoples taking the course all over the world can feel the thrill of harvard cs50 classroom. Here’s the demo video, Even if you don’t have the appropriate VR hardware, you can watch the video in 360 view.