Admission Critarea To Enroll in Grade 11 For 2072 SLC Graduates

Education Hub Nepal June 16th, 2016

Since the government changed the traditional grading system with new GPA letter grading, HSEB has also defined the the criteria for student enrollment in Grade 11. There are certain prerequisite that needed to meet to be admitted into grade 11.

Student must attempt at least 1.6, overall D+ grade to be admitted at class 11. Special subjects have special prerequisites.

As per HSEB, the prerequisite to be admitted in different faculties is presented below.

S.N Subjects/Faculties Minimum Requried GPA Compulsory Subjects with C+ Grade Compulsory Subjects with C Grade Compulsory Subjects with D+ Grade
1. Science Subject Group
Physics/Biology/ Mathematics/ Computer Science/Agriculture
2 Science And Mathematics English Social Studies & Nepali
2. Vocational Subject Group
Animal Science/Plant Science/Electrical Engineering/Civil Engineering/Computer Engineering
1.6 No Requirement Science, Mathematics & English Social Studies & Nepali
3. Mathematics/Geography/Economics/Accountancy/Computer Science/Teaching Mathematics/Psychology/Elements Of Finance/Jyotish/Co-operative Management/Business Studies/Business Management 1.6 No Requirement Mathematics English, Nepali, Social Studies & Science
4. Physics Education/Biology Education/Chemistry Education/Teaching Science 1.6 No Requirement Science & Mathematics English, Nepali & Social Studies
5. English/Alternative English/Teaching English/Linguistics 1.6 No Requirement English Nepali & Social Studies
6. Mass Communication/Hotel Management/Travel & Tourism 1.6 No Requirement English Nepali, Mathematics & Social Studies
7. Nepali/Teaching Nepali 1.6 No Requirement Nepali English & Social Studies
8. History/Political Science/Culture/Home Science/Sociology/Philosophy/Library & Information Science 1.6 No Requirement Social Studies English & Social Studies
9. Introduction to Education/Instructional Pedagogy/Health & Physical Education/Population Study/Environment Education 1.6 No Requirement EPH Nepali, English & Science
10. Human value Education/General Law/Sanskrit/Byakaran/Sahitya/Nayaya/Veda/Niti Shastra/Bouddha Education/Law 1.6 No Requirement No Requirement Nepali, English & Social Studies
11. Maithali/Hindi/Newari/French/Japanese/Urdu/German/Chinese and other languages 1.6 No Requirement No Requirement English
12. Dance/Music/Sculpture/Painting/Applied Arts/Sports & Others 1.6 No Requirement No Requirement English